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There are certain Internet Security programs and firewalls (like Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm Pro and others) that block web browsers from sending referring-page header information. This is a standard part of the http protocol that lets a web server know from where you came. The Artisan website uses this information to determine that you came from an authorized page.

Since we cannot get access to this information, the website assumes that you are not authorized (the short version is that it asks and your browser will not tell), and therefore doesn't allow you to access the file download page (or user registration page). In the case of downloads, the attempt is interpreted as a minor security issue known as 'leeching' (when one website links to files on another website and pretends that they own it). In the case of the New User Registration page, it simply generates an error about New Registration not allowed.

How to Configure Security Software to Allow this Information

  • Norton Internet Security: Open Norton Internet Security as Administrator. Click on the Privacy Control link, then click the Configure button, enter your administrator password if prompted, click on the Advanced button. Click the Add Site button. For site name, enter www.artisancc.com, click OK, then on the 'Global Settings' tab, look for the section titled Information About Visited Sites, UNcheck 'use default', click OK all the way out.

Configuring Web Browsers

    Many modern web broswers have security features built in that disallow the same kinds of things as described above.
  • Firefox is a nice web browser with some nice security features. However, if you have it configured to (a) not allow cookies and/or (b) not save any history, you may not be able to log into this website. In Firefox, select Tools/Options from the drop-down menu, then click on the PRIVACY icon. Be sure that the browser will remember HISTORY for at least one day and that cookies are enabled.

You should now be able to complete the desired function on the Artisan website!

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